Concrete Resurfacing and Colour Options

When you want only the best, get Sea-Crete

Here at Sea-Crete, we’ve mastered the art of concrete resurfacing and Covercrete and Overcrete installation. We are committed to offering only the best concreting services for our customers from South Brisbane to Byron Bay. Contact or visit us to see some of our work, and check out this brochure for a wide array of resurfacing and Overcrete colour options.

When You Want Something Different...

Concrete is one of the strongest materials ever made. Its strength is unmatched and when maintained properly, it can last for many years.

But when it comes to aesthetics, concrete can sometimes be dreary. Everything is the same old boring grey, and it just isn’t your cup of tea. 

You don’t want your driveway to look like anybody else’s. 

You want something different. Something that will make your property stand out even at first glance.

Transform your plain old concrete with different concrete colour options from Sea-Crete!

Exquisite and Unique Colours for Your Concrete

We offer the widest selection of colours for your newly resurfaced concrete or driveway installed with Covercrete. From classic whites that bring out your home’s sophisticated appeal to browns that exude warmth and welcome, you’ll find them all right here at Sea-Crete.

Rich reds, elegant greys, soothing greens, and bright yellows — we’ve got them all for you right here.

IV = Ivory Powder

GB = Grey Powder

WB = White Powder

Need help in figuring out which colour is perfect for your driveway, pool coping, or patio? We’re here to help! Contact us at 0407 374 125 for concrete resurfacing or Covercrete installation, plus colour consultation. 

If you don’t like any of the colours we have here, we can match any colour you like!