Gold Coast Spraycrete

Transform your home or commercial area into a stylish and functional space with Spraycrete! This method breathes new life into monotonous concrete floors while protecting them from weather exposure to ensure durability.

Resurfacing is a meticulous art form requiring a refined set of skills. That is why at SeaCrete we have an experienced team that specialises in Spraycrete application, producing reliable and impeccable concreting services for clients all over the Gold Coast community. You can be sure that we will deliver the best solution for any flooring project you desire while also sticking to your budget!

Spraycrete: How it works

As the name suggests, Spraycrete involves coating an existing concrete slab with sprayed concrete. Compared to the standard thicker flooring, Spraycrete’s concrete coating is fastcuring and more practical, allowing for precise spreading with its soft and moldable texture.

Before applying Spraycrete, we wash the surface with a highpressure cleaner to provide proper adhesion. Any cracks or minor damage in the concrete will also be repaired before putting on the base coat. Afterwards, we cover the surrounding areas, like walls and screens, to prevent overspray.

The next step is spraying the borders before laying the stencil over the concrete, and then the Spraycrete is applied over the entire surface. Once the stencil is removed, we finish by covering it with two coats of clear sealer for maximum protection. The specialists at SeaCrete only use effective and flawless techniques to meet your highest expectations.

Concrete prepared ready for Spraycrete application

Concrete prepared ready for Spraycrete application

applying spraycrete

Applying Spraycrete

Applied Spraycrete

Applied Spraycrete

Spraycrete driveway

Spraycrete garage

Spraycrete garage

Spraycrete colour option

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Advantages of Spraycrete

  • Customisable options with great aesthetic value

Spraycrete is a great way to enhance and liven up your outdoor areas. Not to mention that the design flexibility enables you to show off your creative flair! At SeaCrete, we offer you a wide variety of Spraycrete colours, finishes, textures and patterns. You can even imitate the appearance of tiles, cobblestones, or bricks. Our experts can help you create the perfect look that will increase the worth of your home or business.

  • Slipresistant

Its nonslip feature is perfect for driveways to prevent cars from sliding. Furthermore, the traction from a Spraycrete coating will make your patios, pathways, or pool surrounds safe for your kids while they play.

  • Ideal for residential and commercial areas

Whether you want a minimalist or an elaborate look, Spraycrete is a wise and affordable resurfacing option that will complement your home or business space. You can count on SeaCrete to turn your floors into works of art that will surely captivate your neighbours, friends, or customers.

  • Long lifespan and costeffective

Applying Spraycrete helps increase the longevity of your concrete. It features superior strength that can withstand the pressure of vehicles regularly driving over the surface. In addition, it is low maintenance, abrasionresistant, and economical. With proper care and retouching, your Spraycrete flooring can last up to 20 years!

So if you want top-quality results with excellent execution, you came to the right place! Here at Sea-Crete, we will help build your dream project while guaranteeing that you get your money’s worth. Ask us for a quote today for the best Spraycrete services on the Gold Coast!