Looking to refresh your concrete driveway without totally repaving it? Breathe new life to a chipped or dull concrete surface with Covercrete by Seacrete Decorative Concrete Resurfacing!


What is Covercrete?

If you want to resurface any concrete surface in your Gold Coast home’s driveway or your building grounds, then check out Covercrete. With Covercrete, you don’t need to remove all that cracked and chipped driveway, haul it away, and install a new one. All you need is to have Covercrete installed.

Covercrete is a type of product used to seal a concrete surface. But it’s not just used to provide your concrete with a brand-new surface. With Covercrete, you can choose different colours and patterns to make the surface stand out.

The Covercrete process is so simple you can use your driveway in no time. We’ll start with prepping the entire surface and making sure everything is clean before spraying Covercrete.


Talk to us if you want to brighten up the concrete surface with a touch of colour or wow your neighbours and guests with a unique pattern.

Covercrete Benefits


Keeps moisture out to prevent premature ageing and cracking


Protects the concrete from the elements


Saves you more money over the years -- no need to spend hundreds of dollars with concrete maintenance or repair


Prolongs your pavement asset


Improved slip-resistance

Where Covercrete Can Be Applied

Covercrete has a wide range of applications and your options are virtually endless. You can apply Covercrete on:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Concrete paths
  • Pool coping or surrounds
  • Garage floors and more!

How Long Does it Take to Apply Covercrete

Small-scale residential and commercial projects only usually take a day for us to finish. Larger properties, on the other hand, can take anywhere between two to three days to finish.

Want Covercrete for your property on the Gold Coast? Or do you want to know how long it takes before you can use your driveway or pool surround again after a Covercrete application? For any enquiries, simply contact Seacrete Decorative Concrete Resurfacing on 040737 4125.


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