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Sea-Crete is the leading provider of stamped concrete and other concrete improvement services on the Gold Coast. We have been providing top-notch service to residential and commercial property owners for the past fifteen years, and we are still going strong. We’re just one phone call or message away, so drop us a line for all your decorative concrete needs.

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Can You Customise Your Decorative Concrete on the Gold Coast?

We specialise in creating custom finishes on residential or commercial driveways, patios, pool surrounds, patches, and more. Whether it’s an existing driveway or patio, or you’re just planning to have the concrete installed, give Sea-Crete a call. Our stamped concrete lasts for many years and improves your property’s look with different patterns. Give us a call today to get started.

  • This service is not just about making your concrete look more appealing. It also ensures that you, your family, and your guests are safe while walking on the driveway or patio thanks to its non-slip properties. Concrete stamping is ideal for surfaces that are frequently wet, such as pool surrounds, driveways, and more.
  • Choose a stamped concrete pattern that suits your taste. We have patterns that resemble the look of tiles, flagstones, and natural rock. We also offer wood, bricks, flagstone, and cobblestone patterns. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss which pattern suits your home, office, or any other commercial property.
  • Concrete is one of the strongest materials on the planet. But just like any other material that is frequently exposed to the elements, it can deteriorate gradually. But with decorative concrete and resurfacing services, there’s no need to spend a lot of money to replace it. All you need is to have it stamped, and your concrete will look like new again.
  • We offer a wide range of colours to suit your taste. Can we apply colour to existing concrete? Absolutely! Colours are not just applied on freshly installed concrete but also on resurfaced ones. 
  • We know how busy our customers are, so we strive to work as efficiently as possible to minimise disruptions at your home, office, or shop. We can finish a project within a day or two, but the timeline would depend entirely on how big the property is and the complexity of the pattern. The drying and curing process is also relatively fast. In fact, you can walk on the newly stamped concrete after a few hours.

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Our team is composed of trained and experienced concrete professionals who are skilled in all things concrete. Sea-Crete has been in the business for more than fifteen years, and we are still as committed to providing outstanding concrete resurfacing and other decorative concrete services as we were on our first day.

  • We offer a wide range of decorative concreting services to our residential and commercial property customers. Whether you want your concrete stamped, stencilled, or sealed, rest assured that we can do that. We are the premier decorative concrete and resurfacing provider on the Gold Coast.
  • Want to ensure that your newly stamped or stencilled concrete lasts longer? You simply have to have it sealed. Concrete sealer provides fantastic protection against fuel and oil spills, moisture, and the sun’s harmful UV rays. We can also add a tint to the seal to change it from boring grey to your colour of choice.
  • We have been in the business for more than a decade and we have completed large-scale and complex commercial property projects. Whether you’re looking to have your suburban home transformed or you want to breathe a new life into your commercial property, Sea-Crete is the number one company to trust.
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About Sea Crete

Our company is in full compliance with the regulations and meets the standard laid out by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Give us a call today if you wish to have your concrete stamped, sealed, resurfaced, or stencilled. We offer our services to residential and commercial property owners from South Brisbane down to Byron Bay.

Call us now to schedule a site visit and a thorough consultation with one of our decorative concrete experts. Our schedule is flexible so we can accommodate you at your convenience. We accept different modes of payment, including cash, credit, and direct bank deposit. Choose whichever payment method is convenient for you.

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