Sheildcoat Concrete Coatings

SeaCrete is your number one source for exquisite and durable concrete coatings in the Gold Coast area. We offer vibrant decorative coatings to long-lasting sealers that protect your driveway, garage floor, or any concrete surface for many years. Check out what we can offer below and see which product suits your needs.

Sheildcoat Concrete Coatings


Your concrete driveway is always exposed to the elements and it can take its toll. Then there’s the weight of your car (or cars) and oil stains that steadily eat away at it. Protect your driveway and prolong its lifespan with Concreshield.

Concreshield is a clear concrete sealer with a xylene base. It has fantastic adhesion right from the get-go, and it is formulated to last up to 5 years. With Concreshield, you don’t just extend your concrete’s lifespan — you get more in savings, too!

  • Ideal for concrete driveways, garages, pool surrounds, and more!
  • Choose from satin or low sheen finish
  • Improved non-slip properties when used with Anti-Slip Wax Beads   
shieldcoat driveway


Looking for a more environment-friendly sealer instead? Then choose Floorshield!

This is a water-based concrete sealer that doesn’t have an overpowering smell and is great for the environment — ideal for homes with children or pets. It offers outstanding adhesion and impressive longevity. It is also a more efficient option to use thanks to its self-priming formula.

  • Wide selection of colours available
  • Produces a low sheen finish
  • Can be applied to concrete coated with old solvent-based sealer

Floorshield Fleck

shieldcoat concrete resurfacing

When you want something out of the ordinary but still offers superior adhesion and durability, then choose Floorshielf Fleck. This decorative concrete coating mimics the look of epoxy floors decorated with flakes but is available at an affordable price!

This water-based product is formulated for maximum strength while the unpleasant chemical smell is kept at a minimum to protect you and your family.

Floorshield Fleck is an all-in-one product, making it an affordable option for many property owners.  Thanks to its unique premixed formula, we can finish the job in no time at all.

  • Not ideal for DIY use
  • Comes pre-mixed — no need to purchase and apply primer or sealer
  • Different colour options available


If you want an exquisite-looking driveway and want to ensure that it lasts a long time, then choose Stencilshield. This product is our best-selling coating that you can purchase in a vast selection of brilliant colours.

It features an acrylic-based formula and offers superior durability that exceeds the performance of most cement-based decorative coatings. Stencilshield doesn’t fade easily even when exposed to the elements and high vehicle foot and vehicle traffic for years. It doesn’t crack or peel easily, and you can say goodbye to shrinking during the curing process.

  • Product is covered by manufacturer warranty
  • Superior adhesion
  • Cost-effective coating option

Step Safe

Step Safe

It’s nice when your concrete looks pretty. But beyond the aesthetics, concrete surfaces should also be safe not just for you but also for your loved ones.

Use Step Safe base coat on any concrete surface to ensure that it is safe. Be confident with every stride with its reliable anti-skid properties. You don’t need to worry whenever you take a step while it’s raining or when your kids are playing beside the pool.

Recommended for use on stencilled concrete, as well as stamped ones.

  • Use on plain or decorated concrete
  • Wide array of hues can be added
  • Long-lasting